Studio Quality Photos with a $12 Set Up

Click Here for details. I’m going to try this, this weekend and post my results here.


Daily Inspiration


15 minute Daily Challenge 5-4-11

Hi friends! Sorry I missed yesterday, I was busy making jewelry and spent very little time on the computer.

I think I like the short time specific challenges the best. I know we are all busy and when I see an open-ended challenge I get nervous.

So even if I don’t post a time frame, let’s keep them at 15 minutes.

Use this photo as your inspiration today:

(photo credit:

5-2-11 Daily Challenge

Today create something based on the shapes found in a plant in your immediate vicinity.

4-29-11 Daily Challenge: Weekend Edition

Finally getting to sit down in my studio for today’s challenge. I’m really excited about this one…

This is one can be translated easily for writers, designers, jewelers, potters, illustrators, bakers…

Recreate a famous work of art using the materials and techniques of your choice.

This will be a weekend challenge. Have a happy and creative weekend!

4-28-11 Daily Creative Challenge- Lorrie

Art/Design/Writing Challenge: What’s you favorite animal? Use it as your inspiration today.

I’m not sure what my favorite animal is, but I will go with panda bears. This can be abstract or literal. You can use an animal to inspire your design work, jewelry or pottery design, you can write about a certain animal.

4-27-11 Design Challenge- Lorrie

I chose to do the quick design challenge. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to create a logo for a Chinese restaurant. So I just googled one in Roanoke.

My inspiration came from the colors in the orchid photo. I used a pretty basic visual: bowl with chopsticks. I changed the front in the “s” to add interest to the type. And added a slight gradient to the outside rim of the bowl. Not sure how I feel about that. I also wanted the bowl to look like it could be a sliver of the moon.

This logo design look about 15 minutes.